Nurturing academic excellence has been an integral part at Surana & Surana International Attorneys. For the past two decades our foray into organising moot court competitions in association with top law schools and universities has yielded satisfying experience in helping improve research, writing and argument skills of the participating students, besides sensitizing students in unsettled areas of law for development of jurisprudence. Buoyed by the encouraging results, we expanded our activities with Essay competitions in major areas of law & social sciences. Enthused by the overwhelming response, we have now embarked upon a Judgment writing competition in all our moots. The idea is to have a clinical approach to the issues at hand with an analytical mind and acquire the clarity to sum up the issues with a sense of just balance. In short a comprehensive platform is created for the students to develop into a full fledged legal professional.

Essay Writing Competitions

To further the cause of developing drafting skills and learning on the intended subject among the students, the firm conducted the first "SURANA & SURANA INTERNATIONAL ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION" on CRIMINAL LAW in October 2012. The competition received an overwhelming response with 188 submissions from the law students. Since then the number of competitions and the response has always been on an increase. The competition carries three prizes of Rs. 25000/-, Rs. 15000/- and Rs. 10000/- respectively along with 20 consolation prizes of Rs. 1000/- each for selected essays which are then published. All the prizes and publications are sponsored by the firm.

Judgment Writing Competitions

A judgment has a significant impact on the social and civil functions of any society. Unless the trial and the judgment processes are fair, there is every chance of the impacts being negative. In keeping with our tradition of introducing innovative methods of learning and also in keeping with our promise of being responsible towards the society, we have introduced Judgment writing competitions starting 2014. The objective of this competition is to train the participants in developing a balanced and mature approach to dispute resolution.