Surana Moots is a venture aimed at increasing awareness about moot court activities around the world and inculcating the drive to participate in various moot court competitions. It is a single point of dissemination of information about various moot courts and endeavours to spread the message of moot to all law students, thus ensuring that all law students would have a level playing ground to compete in any moot court competition. By this venture we also seek to increase the intensity and quality of mooting in every moot court competition.

It also stresses on the professional development that emerges out of such intellectual exercises. It brings together tomorrow's lawyers who can forge long lasting friendships that may blossom into fruitful professional relationships in future. The firm constantly endeavours to bring in newer and enhanced ways to organise moot courts, increase quality participation, and generate excellence in mooting.

For over 15 Years, every year, the firm has hosted, administered and sponsored over a dozen moot court competitions. It is important to understand the background of this mammoth project, which is today, the largest of its kind by any law firm. One day in the late 80's, Hon'ble Justice Krishna Iyer visited our Founder Mr. P.S. Surana & Stayed with the family. He spoke at length about the need to nurture young advocates with good advocacy skills. He was also concerned about the fact that bright young law graduates were joining the corporate sector, thereby depriving the Bar of good talent. this prompted Mr. P S. Surana to create a well structured & transparent moot court competition platform to provide bright law students with an opportunity to develop their skills in oral and written advocacy as well as legal research. When the firm started, there were only three major moot courts in the country including the Jessup & the Bar council Moot. Today, there are over a 100 moots! The firm has helped others in the administration of Moot court competitions , administering the first three editions of the Raj Anand Intellectual Property Moot at Delhi, sponsored and organized by the law firm Anand & Anand, Delhi. This is an example of cooperation between two prominent law firms.

Till date, close to 33,000 participants, Judges & other have participated in our well acknowledged moot court competition project. The larger objective of the project remains to prepare Indian law students for a talented bar. Many Judges of the Supreme Court & High Court have participated in the functions related to these Moot Court & have appreciated openly the efforts of Surana & Surana to empower the legal community with skills, knowledge & opportunities. The opportunity has helped shape & sharpen the legal writing , oral presentation & research skills of the student fraternity.

The firm is proud to have played its humble role in developing mooting in India.

Spirit of Surana

Surana & Surana International Attorneys, Chennai has always aspired to lay down higher standards and ideals in mooting – an endeavours portrayed in the Spirit of Surana Award, symbolized by holistic excellence in camaraderie and performance. The participants in any Surana & Surana competition cast their votes for the team that epitomizes the Surana Spirit of

  • Excellence of intellect and astuteness in argumentation
  • Spirited and healthy competition
  • Team solidarity, and
  • Goodwill and harmony with other teams

The team receiving maximum number of votes is conferred the Spirit of Surana Award.